PixEden license explained

June 19, 2012

I am writing this blog post to answer the question I receive the most by email :

When you say commercial license what exactly can I do with your resource?

First of all, you should always refer to our proper license for the use of our resources:

Second of all, I will list here a few of the questions I had about our license and my replies.

Finally, if you are not sure about where you fall and/or if you plan to sell your project to a marketplace, please always contact us first to make sure that you abide by our license.

Of note, we do not sell any extended license. You only need to follow the license terms.

Here is the list of inquiries and my replies:

1. Commercial work for a client or for yourself

Is this art allowed to be used in a logo that is not for sale?

May I use you resources to create a cover for my Facebook Timeline?

I would like to use your character Vector Manga Avatar Faces (guys and girls) for my website. It would be in our logo and complement's website
I'm asking for your permission to use these vector graphics
I will mention you and promote your website in my website
Thank you

If I become a member, am I able to animate your graphics, and upload them to YouTube in a video? I'm a YouTube partner so it would be for commercial use.
My confusion is that your license says I can use the work for commercial use, but it also says I cannot upload the images.
I think you meant to say I cannot upload for the purpose of selling the files separately, right? Thanks.

We came across you Halloween Vector Pack, and wanted to use it on some Halloween packaging (commercial use). i read in the license section that the images can be used for commercial or personal use. but we just wanted to make sure it was ok to place some of these images on our packaging.

I love your iPhone 4s Psd Vector Mockup Template and I used it for church slides like in this preview: http://cl.ly/FM6w
Since your license is restricting redistribution I will like to ask permission to share the slide (as the preview above) for free in the website above.
If required I can credit or link back to this website.

Love the site great work. I have a question regarding the license. I wish to create a demo site for one of my theme and would like to use some of the resources on your site. The work will not be included with the theme when purchases just on the demo site. I will include a link to your site along with a thanks.

I have a question about the license. If I use one of the business card files and add my information in the card, Can I upload the business card with my information to my website so people can print it or download the business card with my information? Thanks for your help.

I've read your license, but am unclear about one thing: are we allowed to use your items in designs for our clients?

I live in brazil and i am opening a decal bussiness over here you know wall decoration .. and i saw your vectors on vecteezy and it stand out from others vactors .. i am asking if i could print some of your vectors for printing wall decoration bussines.. i kwow you never see your decals in brazil but i like to ask before use it. and congratulations on your vector very well done.. see you . thanks in advance.

To all of those questions, yes you can use my resources as they are allowed for commercial work. As such you have no restrictions in those cases, you can use them how you see fit. Attribution is not required, if you wish to do so you can put a sentence such as this "This or this graphic is courtesy of PixEden.com" anywhere you like.

2. A website template marketplace such as Themeforest, Activeden… or any website selling web templates (applies also for free items)

Hi there, I am working on a WordPress theme with a retro feel and love your retro ribbons pack. I read your license terms and wanted to ask if it's OK for me to use some of the ribbons in my theme, which I will be selling.

I was wondering (although i already red the license terms) if i can use the iPhone mockup image in a template im selling on Themeforest. I will not include the vector pack in the download, just a still image (around 800x600 pixels). You will be fully credited and i'll post a link to the site also.

I would like to use one of the badges as a basis, with modifications in fonts, colors and a little bit of shape, to create a template for resell. The template will be html but the psd files will be included as well. The layers for the badge though will be merged. So my question is - can I do that?

We would like to use some of the images listed in your system in our theme for sale on Themeforest.net. The images are licensed exclusively free.
Can you please let us know about the proper license / usage?

I just found your site today while looking for PSD/graphic resources that offer commercial use.
You mention on your License page, "If you do plan to include one of our resource on an item or template that will be sold on a website or marketplace, we ask of you to contact us to determine the proper use of our resource before doing so."
So, I wanted to let you guys know how I would use your resources, assuming I have the right, for any "templates" I create.
Basically, there are a couple ways I tend to use graphics (if I don't create them myself):
1) I plan to create (and sell) a set of banners, sizes would be roughly 300x250, 125x125, etc. and let's say I used your iPhone 4s template, I would use the template (or iPhone image) "as is" but obviously at a much smaller scale as a flattened image. So, I wouldn't provide the original source file "as is", rather a flattened, shrunken image of the iPhone (in this example).
2) I also create and sell pre-made niche blogs. In this case, I have my own Wordpress theme but on the homepage I have 2 slider images (roughly 500x380) and 5 thumbnails (150x150). Again, the images would only be used as a flattened image and I don't provide my customers any PSDs of the images (photos or graphics). I may not use any of your resources for my blogs but thought I'd mention it in case I wanted to and of course had the "rights" to do so.
Now, assuming I can use your resource for my projects that are for sale, I also want to mention that often times I also offer my products (blogs and graphics) for resale.

Here's how it works...
A) Let's say I create 10 sets of banners. Each "set" would include between 7 and 15 different banner sizes. I may resell the banner templates with 2 pricing options. 1) For personal use, 2) With resale rights.
B) With resale rights (for either my banners or my pre-made blogs) I offer my customers the ability to resell the products they buy from me to THEIR customers but their customers only have personal use rights.
I hope that makes sense.
Would it be ok for me to use resources from you gusy in either my banners or blogs that allow my customers to resell the products to their customers?
Again, any images would be flattened and I wouldn't provide original files from you.

I would like to use the free resources from PixEden for a web/photoshop template to be sold in a marketplace. Is that possible?

Was just wondering, if I can use some of the stuff in my website templates? They are not going to be sold in a marketplace, but my members would receive them only with the rebranding rights.

I am looking into creating themes for re-sale on themeforest and had wanted to use one of your buttons in my design. I will not be specifically re-selling the button in a button pack but it will be re-sold by themeforest as part of a design for a home page I wanted to create.
Does this violate your licensing? It says available for commercial use, but I wasn't sure where the line is drawn with that.

Hi, I would like to use a couple of items from your "Apple Product Vector Pack" in a PSD theme I'm creating for sale on themeforest.net.
Would you consider extending your license to allow me to do this?
If not, would the license currently allow me to simply use your items in the preview for my theme, but not include them in the actual product?

I am flash developer from and currently I'm working on my own project - porting all iPhone slide gestures to Flash. I want to build template in flash for iphone-like transitions and sell it in activeden (it's going to be my first ActiveDen project). I want to use your iPhone 4s psd mockup in this project (it looks fantastic) -> as a UI wrapper for my demo. What are the licenses and how much this will coast me?

I am premium member, and I am tempted to convert Mundus psd files to Joomla template to sell in my online template shop ( sometime to come) and to Graphic River ( or other market places) plz advice

In those cases, you can use our resources. However attribution is mandatory. Moreover you cannot include the resources you used as a separate attachment (this would be distributing/reselling the resource) for instance in a separate psd not flattened, as a separate vector format. But you can of course include our resources as part of the files needed for your project (flattened inside a psd /you can keep layer text for edit/ , web images source for html etc…). Premium files do not require attribution in those cases, however before using them in this way please contact us.
IMPORTANT you cannot use any resources from the psd web templates category to create a website theme or template to be sold. They can only be used for personal and commercial projects.
If you sell your items with a resale right, you can do so however you need to transmit to the new reseller the fact that he needs to provide attribution for our resources and that all our files are royalty free.
Any doubt please contact us.

3. Using PixEden resources as such or modifying them and then selling them (or for free) as graphic resources on a website or a graphic marketplace like Graphicriver

  • This is strictly forbidden. You cannot use any of our resources in that way.

4. A Merchandising marketplace (t-shirt, stickers) such as Cafe Press, Zazzle… or any website selling merchandising item (applies also for free items)

Is this art allowed to be used in the design of say for example, T Shirts on a site like Cafe Press / Zazzle, or does that violate the licensing terms?

What would be the appropriate way to use these vectors for commercial print jobs? I want to make animal stickers and be able to sell on a website. Is that possible with this collection? Just wondering...

Regarding the mentioning in your License "You cannot hovewer redistribute, resell....
Please specify resell? For example have the picture dipslayed on a Marketing merchandise article which will be sold to customers?

Hello. Just found your site and love your work. I am a greeting card designer for Snapfish & Urbanity Studios. I wondered if your license excluded use of your designs on this type of commercial use product. I would love to be able to incorporate your vintage labels and banner ribbons into some of my designs. Please let me know if I would be able to to use these products on my designs under your current license. Thank you.

Hello, I'm really amazed by artworks available on this site, however as my understanding of licenses is quite shallow, I would like to ask this, as those artworks are available for commercial use, can I for example make a cartoon character out of the kit on this site, put it on a mug and sell this mug?

In those cases, you can use our resources. However attribution is mandatory. Premium files do not require attribution in those cases, however before using them in this way please contact us.
We urge you to create your own design with the help of our resources, and not just copy paste them; it's just more creative.
If for a specific reason you cannot include in some part attribution, please contact us so that we can see with you how to solve the issue.

5. A website that offers templates inside of a web-service (for free or for sale)

I run a site that provides listing tools for people that sell on-line; sites such as eBay, Bonanza, etc. On the site I provide template for people to use when creating their listings. The templates are not for sale but they are for use for my customers that pay for hosting space and help listing their items.
I wasn't sure where I would fall in your licensing terms. At no time do I give the image files to the person as they are always integrated into the template designs themselves and hosted on my server. The templates are not allowed to be purchased and can only be used if the person is a member of my site.

This case is really specific, this time I considered it as a commercial work and not theme/design reselling. As such this user abided by the free commercial license with no attribution required.

6. A software, mobile app, web app, extension that will be on sale (applies also for free items)

Would like a small clarification about your license: can I use your resources inside a graphics software?
I mean for example: use an icon that will help to form a personalized business card.
Or a software that create custom image (create mixing different image, text, photo) to share on social network like avatar for example.

Hi there! I want to ask you if i can use the Manga Avatar in a basketball game that i'm doing for Android Market. Is there any trouble?

I would like to ask permission to use the "Payment Method Icons Set Vol 1" for an open source payment module that I intend to publish through Drupal.org. It's difficult to come across a good CC-icon set without having to pay hundreds of dollars for a commercial license, so I would really appreciate being able to use yours. You would of course be credited in the module description for the use of the icons, as well as having your license-file included within the relevant image folder.
The icons would only be distributed in a packaged archive file along with the module - downloading it separately is not possible. (Hence it doesn't serve as a mirror of any kind - it's solely to display CC-icons in the checkout/payment process).

I found out some images(vector manga faces 1 / vol 2) on pixeden.com
I want to use the images to make my games.
I'll make a game and release it at Apple App Store. The game will be free.
The credits menu of the game will have the information about the source of the images.
I wonder if I could use your images.

Hi we are developing a new card game for Android, and we would like to put your avatar (Halloween Vector Art Pack, Vector Manga Avatar Faces Vol 2 and Vector Manga Avatar Faces) on our App to identify challengers and players.

In those cases, I consider them commercial work. No attribution required, you can use the resources how you see fit . However attribution would be greatly appreciated.

7. A video template marketplace such as Videohive or any website selling video items (applies also for free items)

I am videohive author and I'm creating after effects projects for sale.
My question is:
Can I use your files in my work which will be sold on videohive after effects marketplace?
I don't need to include fully layered psd (as it can be downloaded from your site), for me is enough one png transparented file (or maybe in some cases 2-3 png files from one your .psd (or .ai) file, to use them as layers in after effects).
So my wish is not do sell your files itself, but to use some of them in my work for videohive marketplace, and also to include used resource in zip file for download (zip file contains after effects project and all used assets).
So can I do it or not?
Of course with attribution link in my description, and I can add pixeden.com in credits in video preview.
This email is really important to me. If you gave me permission to use pixelden files, can I use screen shot of your answer to show to videohive reviewer that I have permission? I asked that because only link http://www.pixeden.com/license is not enough because of quoted text from beginning of this email.

have a question about " http://www.pixeden.com/vector-characters/business-man-vector-characters " this freebie that you are offering. I'm a motion designer and I love that little man. Now the question is can I use that vector for some motion graphics that I create ? I'm making templates for www.videohive.net and there I sell templates I made. So once again can I or not use that vectors for my work on videohive ?

In those cases, you can use our resources. However attribution is mandatory (in the description for instance). You can include the assets needed for the project. Premium files do not require attribution in those cases, however before using them in this way, please contact us.

8. Crowdsource and contest design websites like 99 Designs

I would like to incorporate one of your web elements into my web Theme designs. The license on your website says I must contact you before doing so. How may I build according to your guidelines? Have read license but still I am not sure if I can use your template for 99 Designs contests (for buisness cards, t-shirt...)

Just found your website and it's amazing. Love the freebies you have here and I've read the license agreement to check what I can and can't use. I'm mostly interested in the big stuff like illustrations on my work on 99designs. I've been working there for quite some time and I'd like to ask if it's ok to use ALL of the freebies here on the site on my projects for 99designs.
As you may or may not know, on 99 designs a contest holder (clients) comes in with a brief and then multiple designers upload their website design in a jpeg form based on the brief. Thus it's a competition and most of the time you won't be selected. However some clients want to know from the get go if there are any strings attached so that's why I figured I should ask before using anything.

In that case, I consider this commercial work. As such you have no restrictions, you can use the resources how you see fit. Attribution is not required, however as a friendly advise always tell your client when you use graphics that are not your own and that you have the right to use them. (if it's a few icons, it's not that important. But if you used a lot of external resources in your design, it might be a good idea.)

9. Share PixEden resources on a website / blog

I'm loving your Payment Method Icons Set Freebie.
Would you care if we posted it on our blog as a guest post?
We would add you as a contributing author and include social links and links to your site.

Hi guys, I am visiting your site from many days and now i am contacting with you, I got an idea for you, if you like we can work on it.
the idea is when ever you post a new freebie we will post that thing to our blog 92pixels.com in freebies section, user will come to visit that post and they will find the preview of image of your free resource and behind the Download link it will be redirected to your page of that post/freebie. Got it? let us know if you find this useful for you, my users will get free things and your site will be promote so next time user will come to you directly.

I hope you understand the idea for it, in our post full copyrights will be yours and we will add a line that this freebie is from Pixeden.com

In those cases, yes you can share our resources. However you need to say where the resource is from and for the download link, you have to link it to the specific page. You cannot make a link directly to the download itself (hotlinking).


Please report any more questions you might have in the comments.

Thanks to all for the support.

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