Pixeden is launching its new premium files offering

July 23, 2012


We have been running Pixeden for over a year now, and it has been an exhilarating journey for us. We have had a lot of positive feedback from all of you and wish to thank you all for your support. In this past time we have served over 2 millions free downloads to our users with 80+ awesome free resources.

Looking into the future, we were looking for a way to make Pixeden last and endure as a website. As a team we never really had the time to put all our energy into this endeavor, having to work freelance for our daily bread. We collectively then decided that we really wanted to be able to dedicate ourselves full-time to Pixeden, and find a way to keep bringing free resources to all for years to come.

To do this we could have gone two ways. One asking for donations and two offering premium files for a fee.

We decided to go for the latter.

Before making this move we decided to set a few rules to ensure that we keep Pixeden spirit of a community for designers with great freebies.

First, all the free files published so far will stay free no matter what.

Second, our premium offering is a way for us to be able to keep publishing free resources every week not the other way around.

Lastly, if we decide to monetize Pixeden we have to do it right. No advertising, no ridiculous prices, something affordable for all that will constantly grow and become better and cheaper with time.

Thus came the idea to not offer separate premium files and sell them as stand alone but to create a premium membership.

A membership has quite a few advantages, doing so we can offer resources that are really affordable and as we keep adding more premium resources, your membership becomes a better deal every day. Moreover with a membership we are able to create a range of services to help you in your daily tasks:
- we can create resources according to what you need when you use our design request system in our community section.
- we can offer a support service to modify and use our resources in your projects.

The goal is to keep our prices the same in time and add more resources every week, month and year. Thus making the nominal fee for each resource lower with time passing.

Let's take an example, if you pay $10 a month for 50 resources that makes the price of a resource at 20¢. A year later you pay $10 for 200 resources making the price of one resource 5¢ with no download limits.

Of course doing so, the first few months the deal won't be as good than later on. We understand that but hope that from the start what we offer will be of sufficient interest to our users.

Our premium offering is a way for us to ask for your support to make Pixeden last in time while at the same time giving you back a little bit more than just a thank you.

So to sum it up, we will keep making free files for all as long as we are standing on this earth and we are now also offering premium files, resource modification and technical help, for those that wish to support us.

The Pixeden team.

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